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Hi, I’m Phil Byrne - founder and director of Eco Shifter Ltd.

I was born & raised in the UK and spent a large part of my life in the Military - travelling throughout the world. During that time, I developed an understanding of how small and interconnected our world really is, and how even small changes can make a huge difference.

After leaving the UK in 2003 I entered the civilian aviation market and again travelled and worked around the South Pacific and started to have growing concerns about rising “Global Sea Levels’ and the effects it will have in our region. One afternoon, as I watched a multitude of delivery and courier services driving ‘dirty’ diesel vehicles up and down my street, and unable to find a ‘clean’ commercial alternative, the Eco Shifter idea was formulated. I made up my mind to educate myself on the EV technology and become an expert in the efficient operation of commercial EV’s. Several months later Eco Shifter was formed and the first fully electric delivery van was on-line.

We quickly discovered that when we delivered household products from High Street retailers, the customer was often left with ‘not only’ the old unit but also an abundance of packing waste. So, naturally, we decided to dispose of all of this in a safe and environmentally sensitive manner as well. Customers also requested technical support with setting up and installing their new purchases, so all our drivers can help there too.

We trust that this small beginning will enable and encourage people to live a more sustainable life by assisting them to make conscious choices with the products they have delivered. Whether it’s a fridge, the weekly shopping or a bunch of flowers, ask your retailer to deliver your goods your way. We hope that through small changes we can collectively make a big impact to our environment.


Phil Byrne - founder and director of Eco Shifter

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